Yusuf Khas Hajib Balasaguni

yusuf-xos-xojib(1016/18 – the end of the XI c.)
Scholar and lexicographer , poet and philosopher


Yusuf Khas Hajib was born in the capital city of Karakhanids Balasagun (now Kyrgyzstan) in the interval 1016-1018 gg. Facts about his biography is very scarce . What is known is that at age 50 in 1069/70 he completed his poem ” Kutadgu bilig ” (” Knowledge of Grace ” or “The Science of Happiness “), introduced her to the ruler of Kashgar , and was awarded the title ” Has Hajib ” – Minister of tsarist yard.

Main areas of research

Poem ” Kutadgu bilig ” – the only extant work Balasaguni Yusuf . The most complete of the known manuscripts of this poem is currently stored at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Poem ” Kutadgu bilig ” contains bayts 6520 , divided into 85 chapters; moreover, it has three applications containing 124 bayt , divided into three chapters . For all its ethical and moralistic orientation poem Yusuf Balasaguni ” Kutadgu bilig ” is a philosophical work , which examines the meaning and value of human life , outlining the responsibilities and standards of behavior in society . Author of the poem shows how to be not only the rulers , but also the common people; what personal qualities they should possess . Thus, the author of the poem put forward in his work a number of the just demands of the powerful : to be educated to care about people , good to know the literature , art, etc. In this regard, work Balasaguni ” Kutadgu Bilik ” is considered one of the most important sources for the history of Uzbek statehood . Furthermore , since this work is written in the language of Turkic peoples – which became the nucleus of the Uzbek people , it is also important as a source for the history of the Uzbek language of the era.

Contribution to world science

” Kutadgu Bilik ” is the first encyclopedic work of the Turkic language. This work is not only a political treatise , but also it is the sum of knowledge in various fields of science and culture of its era , it is collected and summarized material from philosophical understanding of attitudes of the author, in particular, we consider the philosophical problem of the meaning of life, purpose of man, his place and role in the social and natural universe. Balasaguni product is an extensive system in which problems are put forward as a general philosophical nature and vital practical , ethnic and aesthetic plan.

Significance and relevance of putting into circulation ” Kutadgu bilig ” Yusuf Balasaguni clearly emerges in terms of a comprehensive study of the multidimensional process of cultural development. Scientific use, study , interpretation works Balasaguni historical and philosophical slice yielded Repose of mental content, the intellectual life of the region Karakhanids era .

Yusuf Khas Hajib Balasaguni rightly considered a writer, an outstanding poet , a highly educated man , a connoisseur of the human soul , philosopher, scholar and lexicographer , poet , who owned all the subtleties of poetry and Turkic folklore.

Global recognition

It should be noted that according to the researchers ‘ Kudatgu Bilik ” widespread and recognition during the life of the author. This is confirmed by the author in his work . So Balasaguni Yusuf writes that the Iranians call it work – ” Shakhname and Turks” (” Turkic Shakhname ” ), residents of the East – ‘ Umar al- Ziynat “(” Decoration rulers “, etc. In addition ,” Bilik Kutadgu ” influenced the literature of Turkic peoples until the XIV – XV centuries .

There are several translations and editions of the poem ” Kutadgu bilig .” In particular, the Uzbek language , as well as English, Turkish , Uyghur , German , Azeri and some other languages ​​.